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As I sit here on a Oscars Sunday at 9am all bundled up in bed, in my big white dressing gown and coffee in hand I think about how best to describe myself...

Well... my love for fashion, travel, food and music (not in that order) make me who I am! 

In fashion I love to find new trends or even make them, push the limits of "normal" to just out the box.

In travel I adore all new experiences. I can't seem to stop myself from booking that ticket to that destination that no-one has ever heard of just to experience something new and out of the ordinary! (Even if the bank account say's no.) 

In food... Well.... Food is Life... Pizza was made by the Gods and well, I just LOVE food! ( Did I tell you I loved food?)

Music is my soul number one love and passion in the world. I am a singer/songwriter myself and appreciate good music, how a melody or lyric can change your mood with the snap the fingers and how that one ear worm lyric can stay with you for hourrrrrsss on end.

In conclusion to my ridiculous babble I would like to share my life loves with YOU!

I hope you can take some inspiration from this blog and use it in your daily lives, whether it a recipe and outfit idea or just to listen to some new jamz! 

Welcome to The London Life.

- About Me -

Gina Ellis


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