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1 Egg

1 Pack of Bacon Strips

1 Avocado (Just Ripe)

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 Tbsp Vegetable Oil

How to make a dream come true...

1. First up pop your Egg in her shell into a boiling pan of water for approx 6 mins. (I like my egg yolk to be nice and runny so 6 mins is just about the perfect time for the egg whites to harden but leave the yolk ooooeeeyyy goooeeey inside. If you prefer a stiffer yolk boil for 8-10 mins instead.)

2. Whilst the boiling commences cut your Avocado in half remove the pip. Careful peel off his jacket leaving the Avocado bare. Scoop a little more out the center area just big enough for the Egg to fit into. (Make sure you scoop enough or your Avocado won't close causing absolute carnage fighting the bacon to hold him shut... It happened to me take my word for it, cheeky little devil.)

Lay out as much Bacon as you like on a surface ready to hug your Avocado Egg dream shut!

Once your Egg is boiled place her into a bowl full of ice water and let it sit for a couple of minutes until its bearable to handle. Peel off her shell carefully making sure not to damage her white bits...

Once all your pieces are ready, lets begin to connect the dots! Pop your un-shelled Egg inside your Avocado jacket close it up making sure its closes properly, then lay your closed Avocado down onto your ready and waiting Bacon strips, wrap around it until its completely covered.

Now come the fun part, heat up your flying pan with your oil and on a Medium to High Heat Pop your little Dream into the Pan.

Cook until your Bacon has gone yummy, crispy brown and serve!

Add a sprinkle of salt and pepper and et voila your dreams have come true.

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