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Welcome to the Battle of the Best Pizza's in LA. | DING DING |

Each month I will be comparing 2 Pizzas of similar decent and giving you my honest expert pizza eating skill opinion to which pizza K.O's the other out of the park!

This Month the Contenders are...

Drum Roll Please..........

Johnnie's NY Pizza vs Santino's NY Pizzeria

Brentwood. Studio City.

(D E L I V E R Y)


Large Pizza $21.

Great Flavors.

Perfect amount of Cheese

to Marinara Ratio.

Came within 60mins.

Delicious Crust.

Large Portion Sizes.

Juicy but not too juicy your toppings slide off.


Forgot my Ranch Dressing. (World nearly ended.)

Slightly on the oily side.


Fresh Ricotta Added after baking.

A good crisp crunch.

2 Good Sized Ranch dressings on the side. (You can't have pizza without ranch.)

Came within 60 mins.

Good Flavors.


Crust was too thin for a NY style pizza for me.

Slightly on the dry side. (Thank God for Ranch.)

Large Pizza $30

And the Winner is...



They may have forgotten my glorious ranch (tut tut) but for a reasonable price and overall consistency this pizza it made all my pizza senses come alive.

From the base to the pepperoni and ooeyy-gooey cheese everything hit the nose on the head. I will definitely be back for more delicious slices and if you haven't tried it get on Grub Hub now and order yours.

P.s Don't forget the Ranch! ;)

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