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Studio Magdalena (Airbnb) $

Airbnb is my ULTIMATE FAVE and we were super lucky to find this gem in the heart of Downtown Tulum! Our host Martin was the best and made us feel at home instantly and most importantly safe. Staying here was the best of both worlds as we got to explore Tulum Downtown (local hangouts and cheap) and in just a short taxi or bike ride to the Main Beach Strip!

Insiders Note: Free Bikes to use at anytime... Roll Out.

Ki' Bok $

This little Breakfast/Brunch spot in the heart of Downtown Tulum is to DIE for. Along with the awesome artwork on the walls and gorgeous interior design you are bound to get the yummiest and cheapest brekkie!

We had Pancakes, or Hotcakes as they like to call them in Mexico and Baked Eggs with one of the BEST cappuccinos I have ever had all for under 250 peso's.... uh WINNER!

Insiders Tip: Make sure to walk through to the garden in the back and meet other like minded travelers like yourselves.

Coco Tulum $$

Where dreams come true.... Literally!

Coco Tulum blew my mind. I had followed them on Instagram for a while and thought it looked great but IRL (In Real Life) it was idillic! From the entrance, walking in on pure white sand through their stunning beach huts, to the brilliant white swings you could sit on and overlook the turquoise blue sea that never ended and the Sea Shells that made the sink and shower taps, every minor detail made this place THE DREAM!

I enjoyed a Bloody Mary and watched the Sunset... What could be better?!

Insider Tip: For around $25 in food and drink you can kick back and enjoy their sun-beds, work on your tans whilst sipping on a Corona or 2 or 3... or maybe 6!

Posada Margherita $$$

Where Boho Chic was invented!

This is the only Italian Restaurant in Tulum, famous for their homemade Zucchini Pasta, this spot has around 8 things on the Menu with a daily special.

We ordered (of course) the Zucchini Pasta and The special of the day Octotopus. The homemade pasta was al denti and Prawns cooked to perfection but everything else about this dish made me feel like I could have made this at home.

The Octopus on the other hand was absolutely stunning! Melt in your mouth with sides of polenta, garlic green beans and a citrus sauce, simple yet executed perfectly.

Insiders Tip: Get there early and to take in the interior design and have a look around the little shops tagged on to the restaurant.




Don Cafeto

Don Cafeto $

I am a big believer of winging it and getting local recommendations. This spot was one of my favourite finds! For a FANTATSIC Breakfast/ Brunch you will find this place in the heart of Downtown Tulum just 5 mins away from our Humble Abode.

Before you even order your food they bring you and array of pickled everything including a oven roasted whole garlic. (Safe to say you won't be kissing anyone after this but hey food over boys anyday!)

I had the Aztec Breakfast which was soooooo damn GOOD, as you can see in the photo above it basically had everything in the world on it, including a baked plantain which is my fave.

Insider Tip: This is a local spot so if you want to enjoy a more Mexican meal this is your place!

Mayan Ruins $

Funny Story...

We rocked up to the Ruins around 1.30pm on Friday and came up to two lines, one of which to pay in cash and the other where you can pay on a machine with card.

The first thing I saw was $75 and another $45 to use recording equipment... Uhhh yea... So I went to the girls and said "75 bucks what the monkey's?" But we all decided it was my Birthday and we had travelled this far so what the hell!

After a very reluctant handing over of money we went and explored the ruins which were INCREDIBLE. So awesome to be standing in a place with such history.

Everyone and his uncle had their Go Pro's out so really the $45 wasn't necessary as there was no way of them monitoring who paid and who didn't! (But don't tell them I told you that! ;)

Anyway after about 2 hours of bumbling around taking photos we were done and I decided to check my account to obviously make sure I wasn't bankrupt yet and saw a charge of only $3.50... Turns out it was $75 Peso's... NOT Dollars! Oooopsss.

Moral of the Story... Don't be as dumb as me! They use the dollar sign for Peso's too.

Insider Tip: 1. Don't be fooled it's Peso's not Dollars, you will not be bankrupted. 2. Bring your bikini! Inside the ruins you can head down to a stunning beach and swim right next to the ruins. A MUST!

Coffee Beans $

Beach side this tiny little coffee shop is smack bang in the middle of the strip opposite a few of the big hotels! We stopped here for a Iced Cappuccino and the lovely lady that owns it gave me a free homemade oatmeal cookie for my birthday! So beautifully decorated I could have sat and enjoyed my coffee for hours.

Insider Tip: A great pit stop on your bike ride.

Coral Hotel $$

We decided to pop into this hotel after our coffee and have a drink and a dip in the sea!

HOLY MOLY if I could stay here I would! This hotel is modern and classy so when us 3 deshevled girls walked in we were expecting to greeted with... "Uh excuse me what do you need?!" (Pretty Women Style.) Instead we were greeted with open smiles and directed down to the beach area where we sat at a table in our bikinis and enjoyed a GIANT delicious Bloody Mary and Margherita's!

The staff were delightful and even put together a Chocolate Lava Cake due to my ninja best friends, AND sung Happy Birthday to me! Just WOW I love this place and 100% would bring my mum here. (You know if your Mum can go with no complaints you are on to a winner.)

Insider Tip: Sit at the tables for FREE just order a drink kick back and relax!

Gitano $$$

All dressed up in my amazing Señorita dress I found at The Jet Rag $1Market we turned up at Gitano!

We walked into a sea of beautiful people and felt all the good vibes instantly. This is definitely a slightly more classy feel but you will be welcomed with open arms and looked after very well.

We grabbed some GLORIOUS cocktails with names such as 'Kisses in the Car' and 'Stardust' at the bar and opened up a tab. Drinks are not cheap but worth every penny, expect westernized prices! (Cards are welcome here but do know they will add a 8% tax charge to credit cards.) Every cocktail it seems in Tulum is made in Mezcal and taste delicious.

Make sure you make your way to the little raised dance floor in the back corner and dance the night away to disco tunes.

Insider Tip: Get there early to secure a table so you're not left mingling around... or just do as I do... Hover and scare them off ;).



Zamas $

I wanted to experience a beach side breakfast before we left so I had a little dabble on Yelp and came across this awesome spot!

You walk up under kissing fish and everything is so brightly colored next to the turquoise blue sea that you just want to LIVE there forever.

I ordered the Huevos Rancheros and Ricotta Donut Balls to Share. My friends grabbed the Baked Eggs and Hangover breakfast all of which came with UNLIMITED coffee. (Always a winner in my eyes.)

Everything was delicious and along with the views it was perfect!

Insider knowledge: They hold lots of weddings here, so if your planning a destination wedding this is your jam.

Waking Around Downtown Tulum

There are so many and I mean SOOOO many picturesque spots in Tulum!

We took the day to walk around the town and take in all the history and artwork that was laid in front of us. Every building another color, shape and size it really blew my mind how stunning everything was.

I highly recommend whipping you camera out and taking a walk around downtown, maybe grab a ice coffee to go from Ki'bok and breathe in all the culture.

Insider Tip: Take a bit off cash in case you want to buy any trinkets in the shops up here, they are 100% cheaper than the stores down by the beach for the same stuff. But BE SURE to haggle.

Hartwood $$$

Fresh, Delicious and Warmhearted. These are just a few words I like to describe Hartwood.

We e-mailed for a reservation in advance as they have no telephone number or wifi. This spot is incredibly rustic yet very high-end, with a line out the door of people trying to walk-in every night! (Walk-ins are encouraged.)

They have 2 seatings one at around 6.30pm and the next around 9pm. We got a table for 9pm and showed up just in time to be greeted by the hostess who then sat us in the waiting area until the first sitting has cleared. We were offered a wonderful array of cocktails which was brought to you on a chalk board menu to choose from and explained by one of the servers. Again this place is western prices so make sure to bring enough cash.

Speaking of cash... Funny story number 2... After ordering our cocktails, silly ME didn't realize that this a CASH ONLY establishment... Yes I'm a ding bat we all know! So we left one of our friends waiting and my other friend and I went off in search for a cash machine! Funny thing is... basically NONE of the cash points along the beach strip actually work so we ended up walking approx a mile before we got so fed up and jumped in a taxi to hopefully take us to the nearest WORKING machine. Ehhhhhh Voila 1 hour later we had cash and headed on back to our friend who had been being entertained by all the amazing staff at Hartwood.

We ordered one of every starter on the board and then a couple of fish dishes and some pork. Every mouthful was an array of glorious flavors. It was everything I had hoped and more, well worth the 1 mile walk before hand ;).

It finished off with my Ninja friends organizing another Birthday dessert and a sing-song! What a glorious experience.

Insider Tip: This is a CASH ONLY spot, don't be dumb like me bring cash.



BSEA Cancun Plaza $$

The best way to spend our last day!

After a 2 hour drive from Tulum to Cancun we arrived at this awesome hotel. I mean you can't really go wrong in the Hotel Zone in Cancun but our hotel was a hell of a lot cheaper than some of the others I saw and was just as GREAT!

We got to the hotel at around 12pm and as the room wasn't quite ready yet they let us store our bags and head to the pool/beach area.

We found the most amazing spot up top above the bar area where they had super comfy white beds and the most picturesque view with a little dipping pool.

When we got into out room we had a Sea View which was quite literally memorizing, I could have hangout on our balcony all day. The room had 2 queen sized beds, a huge bathroom, air-con, tv, good wifi and a safe!

I would definitely stay here again.

Insider Tip: Pay with cash at the bar, they will charge your their own prices if you pay with card. No Bueno!


The perfect end to the perfect holiday! Mexico you were incredible and I can't wait to be back.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, I hope you love your trip as much as I did!

--- Adiós---

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