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Its Summer time which means... it's hot... and the dreaded words... Bikini Body READY scream at you!

SO I teamed up with Soupure to try their Summer Slimdown Program which includes a step by step guide and all the soups you can dream off (this cleanse is usually 10 days).

It came just in time for me to shed a few pounds before shooting my new Music Video for my song 'Colors' (click the link to hear) which made me incredibly excited and eager to get going and this is how it went...

- DAY 1 -

Breakfast :- Strawberry & Cashew Cold Soup.

Lunch:- Lentil Soup.

Snack:- 2 Boiled Eggs

Dinner:- Grilled Chicken & Cauliflower Rice.

- DAY 2 -

Breakfast:- Bespoke Smoothie from Juice Crafters - Grapefruit, Peach & Ginger Smoothie.

Lunch:- Split Pea Soup.

Snack:- Apples and Peanut Butter

Dinner:- Spicy Asparagus Soup.

- DAY 3 -

Breakfast:- Strawberry & Cashew Cold Soup.

Lunch:- Broth Blend - Grilled Chicken.

Snack:- 2 Boiled Eggs.

Dinner:- Zucchini "Noodle" Salad.

- DAY 4 -

Breakfast:- Homemade Smoothie - Creamy Mango, Avocado & Lime.

Lunch:- Japanese Sweet Potato Soup.

Snack:- Carrots and Hummus.

Dinner:- Split Pea Soup.

- DAY 5 -

Breakfast:- Strawberry & Cashew Soup.

Lunch:- Broth.

Snack:- Carrots and Hummus & 2 Boiled Eggs.

Dinner:- Zucchini & Basil Soup.

All in all I am big fan of this cleanse! It made me feel better in general, my skin is glowing and most importantly it fixed my vocal problems! Cutting dairy for 5 days showed me that it was one of the main issues in my diet, so I have now learnt from this cleanse to cut it out as much as possible (bar the pizza a month or I'd die). A lot of people told me I visibly looked like I had shed a few pounds too! I don't believe in weighing yourself as you can change in weight from muscle, water and other added factors. Seeing is believing and this WORKED.

Grab your SOUPURE Cleanse here:-

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch I am just a click of a button away.

Bottoms Up!

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