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The Infamous Pink House in Mid City Los Angeles is everything you ever dreamed of... I mean literally I used to dream of owning this house with all my Barbies and Ken dolls.

This is a 3 part house painted for an Art Project by The Most Famous Artist and has attracted every Blogger and her Instagram husband (me being one of them) to come and take photos by this masterpiece!

These 3 house are set to be demolished and turned into apartment blocks so why not go out with a BANG!

Get there fast if you want to snap a few pics in this Barbie Dream House 1500 Hi-Point St, Mid City, Los Angeles.

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The Dream is Real!

-Outfit Details-

Dress x Just Hype (click link for exact dress match) | Neck Tie x Paige | Backpack x Zara | Sunglasses x Jet Rag Vintage | Shoes x Converse

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