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Summer's here and it's about time I pull out a couple my summer dresses. I have never been much of a dress kinda girl but the odd few really catch my attention like this super simple linen number! My fave thing about it is that you can dress it up or down with some nice heels or wedges like I wore here, I mean you can even wack on a pair of Converse and BAM, cool as a cucumber. Obviously you need sunglasses so you don't go blind from the sun so always and forever my go to is Quay Sunnies, that big cat eye look, nice and dark so no-one can see you checking out that really hot guy or giving that chick the side eye! Accesorize lightly with your fave pieces and have everyone asking... Who's that girl drinking coffee alone?


(or similar)

- Outfit Details -

Dress x Urban Outfitters Surplus | Choker x Free People | Earrings x Luv Aj | Bracelet x Talea FX Symi | Sunglasses x Quay | Shoes x Topshop

- What do you think? Any questions feel free to reach out! -

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