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The Easiest and most Refreshing Summer salad on the planet... Don't let me forget delicious!

I am currently in Greece and in the heat I crave water (obviously) like all day and prefer to go for cold yummy salads rather than hot food. So I decided to put together a salad that would keep me hydrated, satisfied and get rid of my cravings and this is what I came up with.

This will literally take you under 5 mins to make, with 4 ingredients, perfect if you are lazy like me or are in a rush.

Lets get to it!!!

You will need...


1 x Small Watermelon

(Tip: Refigerate your Watermelon for an hour beforehand to make this extra refreshing.)

1 x Lime

Feta Cheese (Try to find authentic feta it makes a whale of a difference.)


First things first, cut your Watermelon in half and put one half aside, then chop your half into a quarter and chop into small triangles. Chop off the rinds. Repeat with as much Watermelon as you like.

Next squeeze half a lime over your watermelon and make sure it's coated well to give it that tang.

Then chop your Greek Feta into small pieces and sprinkle it in and on top of your Watermelon and Lime.

It should look like this...

And last but not least chop up your Mint into tiny pieces and sprinkle it on top of this delicious concoction for the final refreshing tang for your taste buds.

And et voila you are ready to enjoy your Summer feels salad and feel good eating it.

Excuse me while I go sit in my lemon grove to devour this.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you enjoy this recipe! If you make it why not show me your results on Instagram, tag me @london_ellis with the #londonlifeblog and I will make sure to check out and comment on all your gorgeous creations.

Let me know what you think the comments below or just say hey! I will promise to get back to you asap!

- Enjoy -

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