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1. Get Your Hands On Some Melanoboost!

This is my new favorite way to prepare my skin for the sun!

Knowing I am gonna get the maximum tan with minimum sun exposure. This is a peptide sun tanning oil that you can put on in the sun underneath your suntan lotion or just put on at home and get a beautiful glowing tan! How does it work you ask?.... (Ready for some words your don't understand, I will try break it down for you.) Melanoboost increases your melanin levels (the stuff that makes you tan) in your skin by 250%, it stimulates the body's natural a-MSH function (tanning function) to trigger a increase in your melanin production for a faster and darker tan... Yes I heard faster and darker tan... SOLD!

2. Cream is 10x Better than Oil.

This is a simple one! Cream has thick moisturizing effects and sinks deeper into the skin whereas oil sits mainly on the surface which will either burn or tan you for a short period... But if you want a long lasting tan cream is the one only way!

3. Only Use Factor 15 and Up!

Okay let me start off by saying if you had asked me 3 years ago what sunscreen I had in my beach bag I would have said 2, 4 and 6 - the times table basically... but let me tell you I was totally wrong! I got tanned don't get my wrong but it wasn't healthy and only lasted one week when I got home before my whole body shed like a snake (I know gorgeous visual... You're Welcome.)

Anyway I have now learnt that with a higher factor your tan is much more likely to lock into your skin and of course keep you safe. I have different factors for different areas of my body! Legs 15, Stomach 15, Chest 30, Shoulders 30/50 and Face always 50 do be ashamed to be the person with all the sunscreen... You are smart!

4. Eat A Carrot A Day Make Your Tan Stay.

I know it sound ridiculous but this is NO Joke! In Greece they have a sunscreen called Carroten which is made from carrot extract and it's a proven fact that eating a carrot a day will increase your levels of melanin naturally! So add those carrots to your grocery list and don't forget to feed your bunny in the process!

5. Use A Tan Intensifying Aftersun or A Thick Moisturizer To Lock In Your Tan.

The biggest mistake most people make when they come back from the beach is having a shower and then either not putting any moisturizer on or using a generic everyday body lotion. I always use Piz Buin Tan Intensifying Lotion after my shower and smother my entire body in it. This rehydrates your skin after its long day of sun exposure which it will almost certainly crave! I have also used the 100 years Nivea cream which is fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post I will link all the products I mentioned below and feel free to leave a comment with any questions or just to say hey and I will get back to you ASAP!



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