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I'm Back!!!

Firstly I wanna apologize for my hugely long arse break but we are all human and as you know if you don't keep up the habit sometimes it just falls off the map until you realize your a dumb head and you love what you do and... yea where was I going with this?! Moral of the story is I am back in action and I am excited to get this year started with some new content, new themes and new knowledge!

So to start this year off I am going to share with you my tips and tricks of how and what I use to edit my photos on Instagram!

1. FaceTune

Yes yes yes we all do it and if you say you don't you're lying! We all like a little smoother skin and getting rid of a blemish and those bags under the eyes, it's nothing to be ashamed of. This is the first app I add my photos into before I do anything else. I usually smooth out my skin with the smoothing tool, not to where I look like one big blur cause that just looks ridiculous and no-one wants to look at that. Then I will sharpen up using the details tool on little things like my eyes, mouth, clothing and anything in the foreground that I want to draw more attention to. Not gonna lie, we all have things we are not a fan of on ourselves and mine in my jaw line so I usually nip it in just a little using the refine tool. *see pictures below*

2. Snapseed

Here is where I fix all my coloring. I usually boost up my brightness and contrast and tinkle with a few of the other settings to get it just where I want it. Then I will go and hit the tonal contrast feature, it usually just makes the whole photo pop and look super high quality (especially if I have taken the pic on a iPhone this makes it look like you used a Canon 5D). Then I will still go in to details and boost up the structure and sharpness just for that little extra (I love being extra). Also if my photo is a little squif I will use the perspective tool and click rotate which will let you straighten up your photo without losing any of the image, in-fact it will clone a little bit of your pic and add it on (make sure not to go to extreme or you will see it for sure). I hate that in Instagram when you rotate you lose corners and whatnot especially when instragam already loves to crop half your photo out. Problem solved.


My favorite app of all time! This app can make your photo look anyway you please, from aged or polaroid effect, each filter has come from a different REAL camera setting. Now everyone on Instagram has their own vibe and mine is like a golden, coffee vibe, keeping me extra tanned, and my whites super popping white. So I usually dabble around the A-J-F filters. My go to is A9 and if I am feeling wild and want to be extra tanned J5.

I then always go in a bring the exposure down usually to around a 1.5-2.0 so that the highlights really pop and I get that moody vibe. Once again I go in and sharpen up to around 5.5 - 6 and sometimes if my shadows are too dark I will bring my shadow up to literally 0.1-2 max.

4. TouchReTouch

Last but not least. One of my photographer friends literally just showed this app to me a couple of days ago and its changed my life (I know easy to please). This app will take out any unwanted clutter in the background with the swipe of a finger. As you can see from the photo above the random lamp post in the front has now gone and I literally just swiped my finger down it using the brush tool and clicked go and it was gone just like that. My blogger girls, you will feel my pain when you have the perfect shot and then there is that one neon green exit sign killing everything. Well this will fix EVERYTHING.


Camera's I Use...

I mix and match a lot depending on the situation. But mainly I have my little Canon EOS that gives me super crisp and awesome quality photos. When I am feeling wild, which is a lot I shoot with my friends who have Canon 60d's and 80d's, so when I get the super blur behind me like the pic above it's usually been shot on one of those. And then of course my iPhone 7, this is when I can't be bothered to lug my camera around or I just want to capture the moment quickly. Most of my food and coffee pictures (which is a lot) are taken on my iPhone.

There we go, now you know all my secrets. I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have any questions and I will be sure to answer them. Hit me up on Instagram and I will message you right back.

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