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The dream right? We all have our own versions of how we see our Valentines Day going, as for me I am VERY single this year but this is my ideal Valentines day, future boyfriend take note... Or Zac Efron whatever.

- Breakfast in Bed -

Every girl loves to be greeted with a hot coffee in bed when she wakes up in the morning and match that with a SUPRISE donut delivery from Donut Princess including a donut bouquet and donut letters spelling I LOVE YOU you are already in my good books and it's not even hit 9am yet...

Grab your Donut Princess donut delivery this Valentines here:-

Outfit Details: Knit Sweater: @FreePeople | Donuts: @DonutPrincess

- Coffee Date -

Take me to my favorite coffee shop! If you follow me on Instagram or you are just reading your first blog post now, you may have already guessed I am obsessed with coffee! So this stop is a major WIN. Alfred Coffee Shop is my all time fave in LA, sit outside and beautiful people watch, what could be better.

Here is a list list of a few other places that you can't go wrong if you are considering a Coffee Date this Valentines Day...

Dinosaur Coffee | Neon | Intelligentsia Venice | Alfred Tea Rooms | Republic of Pie | Tea Pop

Outfit Details: Top X @Missy Empire | Belt X @Amazon | Jeans X @Guess | Hoops X @H&M

- Dinner Date -

As day rolls into night it's time for a romantic dinner and what better aphrodisiac than sushi! Two reasons here why this is the best food for Valentines, 1. No bloating and feeling fat and 2. It's quick and easy and you will be in and out fast to where you really wanna be... ;). Because I am a hopeless romantic I wouldn't want to know where I was being taken until we arrived and be greeted with a red rose on the table waiting for me (I know I am extra but so is every girl whether they say so or not so take note). A few Saki's later (my fave) and some glorious food we have been woo-ed enough, you know where this is going...

My recommended Sushi Spots in LA...

@Sugafish | @Katsuya | @SushiYotsuya | @IrohaSushiofTokyo

Outfit details: Dress X @FrenchConnection (Available to buy on my poshmark click the link) | Shoes X @Fergie (on my poshmark too.) | Eye Make-up X Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette

- That Time -

If you have done everything else correctly you should end up here, (here's hoping)... Ladies it's your turn, dust off the lingerie, crack open the bottle of champagne, que the mood lighting, and...need I say more...

Lingerie Details: @HuitLingerie

Happy Valentines Day.

Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it and managed to get some ideas for your perfect Valentines day. Feel free to DM me on Instagram with any questions or comments and I will get back to you ASAP.

Follow me on Instagram here : @london_ellis for all the latest.

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