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My new obsession! I was super lucky to work with the amazing team at Revice and had to show off their incredible line of jeans cause I mean... They are incredible. I dunno about you but trying on jeans is always a major stress for me, I get sweaty and have to find every position to pull them up but what I love most about these is I don't have that problem, they literally slip on, which praise hallelujah, FINALLY.

So here are a few of my fave styles that you MUST have...


So the first pair that I am dying over are the Revice Venus Crops which I am sporting above and need I say that much about them, I get to have a star on my butt... I'm a mother f**king star butt! Not only are these jeans super cool and a massive statement piece but they are super high waisted which make your body look amaze balls. They are pretty true to size but they don't have a lot of give so if your used to the stretchy game that makes you a size 26 instead of 28... stick to the 28.


Ummmmm yes LOOK AT THEM! So number one as we can all see this is basically two pairs of jeans in one. Half black half white, I am obsessed. The zip goes all the way down and under and all the way up the back, not that you will ever want to fully zip these in half but YOU COULD! They fit like a glove and again are high-waisted to give you that awesome hour glass shape we all love. These ones you can pretend your a size smaller as they have a bit of stretch to them so I went down from a 28 to 27 and they hug in all the right places.


Last but not least, as you can probably tell there is a running theme with all their jeans which is that they are DOPE and have hidden (yet obvious) statement pieces on them. I must say the fit of these are by far my fave as the are slightly more on the elasticated side and zip you in nice and snug. From the front they just look like your normal pair of black great fitting jeans with a red zip but when you put that thang down flip it a reverse it you have a heart butt, I mean... they just keep on winning. Go down a size in these like the Ying Yangs, you won't regret it.

Thanks Revice for being awesome!

-Shop any of these jeans but clicking the photo or the name of the jeans.-

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to follow me on Instagram @london_ellis for all the latest and drop me a DM with any questions and I will get back to you ASAP.

Bisous x

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