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Hello Hello Hello Beautiful People!!!!

SOOOO lets get serious... Coachella is around the corner, bikini season is around the corner, summer is basically here and well... I am not so summer bod ready as I would like to be and genuinely have been eating Pizza non-stop for the past 6 months of my life and decided I had to do something about it snap, crackle, pop!

I teamed up with the awesome guys @LoveSuja who hooked me up with a 5 DAY.... Yesssss 5 WHOLE DAY Juice Cleanse... Which in the beginning I was like yea, okay, maybe I can do it, but doubting myself muchly (yes I have my own English language) on the inside. Anyhooo I accepted the challenge to my FRESH START and here are my feelings and thoughts on how it went and if I think you should do it... SO I suggest you keep reading, I'll try to be funny, promise!

Honestly I hyped myself up so much before hand, I told myself I would be fine, so I was fine! I made sure I ate whatever the hell I wanted the night before so I wouldn't feel like I missed out anything in the week and made peace with the fact that only liquids would be going in my body for the next 5 day. If it wasn't for that mind set going in, all would have been lost.

Now lets get this straight, I am coffee addict through and through, and even though half of you may think I cheated, I still drank my coffee's everyday just black, and also inhaled like 7 gallons of water, so this redeems me I would like to think.

My juice list went as follows everyday for the 5 days:-


This juice kickstarts your metabolism and gets your body basically ready for the rest of the day. It's also the Beyonce drink, remember that crazy diet she did, with the crazy drink and lost all the weight and so on.... Yea nuts. But anyhoo it was groovy, I liked it, happy days.

Mid Morning - GLOW

This was my ultimate fave and I was very happy about the fact I got to drink in twice in one day, EVERYDAY and why you ask? Well typical, it's the sweetest and DELICIOUS, just like me... LOL (Relax London.)

Lunch - PURIFY

This was the most earthy drink of all of them and definitely filled me up the most out all the juices, I carried this around with in my little freezer bag most days (very stylish), as I was busy as a bee and it always hit the spot.


I meannnnn.... it was alright! haha. This was my least favorite juice, but again, guess why? It had the most Vegetable based juice with all the important greens and nutrients you need. So... I guess I had to like it? ISH...

Dinner - GLOW

See above... you know my feelings on this one.

Dessert - FUEL

Ummmmmm not so much dessert, more have a carrot but a yummy one and honestly, I didn't really need it but I drank it cause it was there and YOLO! Oh and I mainly drank this from a wine glass, to feel special - EXTRA.

P.s I knew them all off by heart, thats saying something.


Day 1 - I went it full steam ahead, I started off my with my first juice and headed to my personal trainer to get a good workout to start off my week, as I knew that I wouldn't be able to push it the rest of the week as your supposed to take it easy - obviously so you don't pass out (wise). I was okay most of the day till around my mid-afternoon mark, where I was a little wavy but pushed through and by the time I hit dinner (my glow-beau) I didn't even need dessert.

Day 2 - This was the most smooth sailing day of all. Key here:- KEEP YOURSELF BUSY! If you are on the go, you are less likely to think about food, snacking and everything in-between. I was so slammed that the juices were a happy welcome as I probably wouldn't have time to eat normally and they really kept me going and peppy during the day. No Hangry London Ellis here.

Day 3 - This is the day that everyone told me - "if you make it past here you will be smooth sailing for the rest of the week", and they were ehhhh mostly correct. Once again this day, I was slammed so the juices came with me in my freezer bag and kept me well nourished until around mid-afternoon when I got home and thought I was going to die! Now in the guide THEY say if you are a active person e.g ME, you can have certain fruits, avocado's or Sweet Potatoes to give you more energy. So NO Cheating here, I had half an Avocado and instantly felt winning again.

Day 4 - Are you bored of me telling you how busy I was yet... Well guess what? I was a busy bee again and the one thing I had noticed by now, whilst trying on clothes at Revolve was, "ohhhhh I am slimmer", I had gone down one whole jean size... Oh and the fact that you uncontrollably think about the next thing your going to eat during the day, always, forever, nonstop, PERIOD! I had to continually remind myself that I wasn't going to be eating, which I found bizarre my head didn't get it yet. I also threw an event that evening and proceeded to drink my juices out of wine glasses whilst my friends drank wine! I was proud of myself.

Day 5 - The finale, it all comes down to today! This was the HARDEST DAY!!! Knowing that the next day you will be able to eat again is some kind of torture man. I was fine in the morning, living my dreams doing my day to day until I realized I quiet literally couldn't stop fantasizing about pizza and sushi and FOOD AHHHHH. BUT... I refused to give in, I had come too far and was going to finish this off like a champ. I went extra hard with the water and coffee and managed to push though to the end...JUST.


Honestly, I loved it and would recommend the Fresh Start Suja Juice Cleanse to anyone looking to re-boot their eating habits or lose a couple of pounds or just feel better about themselves. It's by far the best juice cleanse I have ever done and gave me the least amount of pangs of hunger. I was never grumpy or tired and it pushed me though to the end. I feel refereshed and nourished and ready to start fresh!..... Now who's ordering pizza? (JOKES Kinda-ish...)

Wanna try your Suja Juice Fresh Start Juice Cleanse, click here:-

Thank you so much to Suja Juice for partnering with me on this blog post. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to drop me a DM if you have any questions on Instagram @london_ellis, hit the HEART button below if you liked this post and peace out A-Town down in the words of Usher. See you next time. London x

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