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Destination Big Bear Cabin

One of my favorite places to travel which is close to home for me is Big Bear. Why do I love it you ask? Well where else in the world can you go to the beach and within 3 hours be ski-ing in the mountains in the SAME DAY! I have been 5 times now in the past year and just recently went with Destination Big Bear and some of my fave blogger girls and just had to share.

Big Bear Mountain


1. First up book yourself a ski/snowboard session on one of the slopes which you have a choice of TWO, Big Bear Mountain and Snow Summit!

2. Rent an amazing cabin from Destination Big Bear or Airbnb and snuggle up by the fire, watch the most incredible sunsets you have ever seen and watch movies - alllllll day and not feel bad about it.

3. Take a stroll through the cute little town and grab some sweets or a massive chunk of Rocky Road and warm your hands on the fire pits that are dotted around.

4. EAT! With so many cute restaurants you have everything from Mexican, Indian to Italian! (I will list my fave spots next).

5. Go tubing! If you're not quite the pro ski-er e.g moi, head to one of two locations and you can tube for $30 unlimited all day!


1. Saucy Mama's - One of my fave pizza spots, make sure to get there early and pop your name in or grab a takeaway to have back at the cabin this places packs out in seconds.

2. Himalayan Restaurant - Basically Indian food, super comforting and yummy. This place is amazing after a ski sesh when you are super hungry and want some comfort food.

3. Grizzly Manor Cafe - THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER! Again get here earlier and pop in your name, wait time can be up to 2 hours but its well worth it. This cute little diner spot is covered in little notes from customers that have been coming since it opened, a great photo op and the staff is amazing.

4. Nottinghams Tavern - We went here for dinner on out first night and fully pigged out on yummy burger's, oh and don't forget to try the Puffadilla's.

Destination Big Bear


1. Rent a 4 x 4 if you don't have one! Honestly you will thank me later, I took my little VW Beetle and most up hills were a struggle because of the ice on the roads, don't get me started on the snow but if you can't read on...

2. Bring Snow Chains for your car - If you don't know how to put them on, the good people of Big Bear at most of the gas stations will pop them for you for $40.

3. Pick up some extra fire wood at the local super market (Von's). They have easy ready bundles for you packed up to pop in the trunk of your car, oh and don't forget a pack of fire lighters, trust me it's easier.

4. Pinecones are your best friend! If you forget the firelighters these are great fire starters and get your fire roaring in seconds.

5. Get there early and leave early. Traffic builds up pretty fast as it's only one windy road up and down the mountain.

Thank you you so much for reading, let me know if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me over a DM on my instagram @london_ellis and I will be happy to answer! Let me know where I should go next?


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