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Lets take a little trip to Palm Springs with all my cute ! Lounge and Swimwear! I wanted to give you a little sneak peak into this gorgeous house we got to stay in by AMCE house co. The perfect weekend getaway accompanied by the perfect lingerie & comfy outfits by Yandy!

So without a do lets jump into these cute looks!

We drove up on Thursday afternoon and spent the day lounging around the house watching movies and just catching up with life! I spent the afternoon in this little COZY AND COMFY LOUNGE SHORT SET (click the links to shop outfits).

*sponsored by Yandy

Time to take a little dip, catch some rays and read up on all my fave gossip mags wearing MOJITO MAMA BIKINI SWIMSUIT! JLO did what???? We ordered Postmates (some of the best Greek Food I have had in California) from Greek Islands Restaurant and pigged out around the pool.

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The one thing I never get to do in LA is take an afternoon nap as I am always GO GO GO, SHOOT SHOOT SHOOT so I took serious advantage, got into my SEDUCTIVE PAJAMA SET and took my much needed siesta in the comfiest bed on the planet, literally like sleeping on clouds.

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My afternoon nap turned into a all night deep sleep and I woke up in the AM to incredible weather and the smell of coffee brewing. I threw on this silky number COLLARED PINK SWEET DREAMS SATIN ROMPER which I would honestly also wear on a night out cause it is pretty damn cool! We hung out and made breakfast before heading into town to do some shopping at El Paseo, spent way too much money and then headed back to the house for tanning sesh part two!

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The rest of the 2nd day I hung out around the pool and soaked up the sun in YANDY THE VICTORIA STAR ONE PIECE! It's hard to leave a house that's so incredible, as you can see in this last pic our bedroom lead straight out to the pool so why would you leave? We grabbed some lunch and peaches (haha) and decided to go into the desert and take some cute pics which will be coming up on my instagram soon so keep your eyes peeled.

All these gorgeous looks are featured on the Yandy website (click link to see the full website). They are all awesome for trips or just if you are lounging around at home. I am a size S/M in all their clothing and swimwear, they are 100% true to size which is one of my favorite things about Yandy!

Thank you so much for reading this post, make sure to heart this post at the bottom of the page if you liked it and want to see more of what I wear on trips and where I go! Feel free to DM me with any questions on my instagram @london_ellis and I will 100% get back to you.


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