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The heat is high and the air is sweet! Summer is in full swing and I wanted to share my Yandy picks for my Europe trip with you along with how to wear them. 

I have been obsessing over cover ups and one pieces and neons recently and so decided to bring these specific pieces along with me on my trip to make a statement. 

My first stop is in Positano and I wanted something classy and cute to get into the Italian spirit and what better way to do that the with a white lacy number that can be easily worn over a bikini or one piece to the beach or can worn out in the evening as a turn everyones head kind of look. Either way this is by far one of my fave dresses for the summer and I am sure I will wear it to death! This dress also come with high waisted underpants but I opted not to wear them and I think its cuter without.


*sponsored by Yandy  

Next up on my trip I am heading over to Rhodes Greece where I am spending most of my time going to the beach and sipping on Aperol Spritz. My second fave piece to sport is this cute little body suit. Now you can wear this is a couple of ways. You can be extra like me and play dress up and pretend you are back in the 50's sipping tea or the smart ways would be to pair this with a pair of denim shorts or high waisted cute skirt. Also if you really wanted to go ham I am pretty sure you could get away with this as a one piece at the beach, not sure it would hold up in the water but if you just wanted to show off your cute one piece and go to a beach party this would definitely do the job for you! 


(Also comes in Black) 

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Whilst driving around Rhodes I am constantly stopping at different beaches and I wanna get out the car and undress ASAP to get into the water, but still look DAMN awesome doing it (did I tell you I was extra?) so this brings me to my third fave Yandy piece which is this white lacy cover up that would really look great over any bikini or one piece! This is so breezy and basically feels like you are wearing nothing which is the ultimate goal when you are traveling in hot countries. I also think this is wearable out in the evening if you are ballsy, just pair it with a bodysuit and some cute jewelry and this could look fire! You can also play princess and let it blow in the wind and get some bomb ass photos out of it like so...


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Last but not least on my faves, I headed to Symi the beautiful Island in Greece that I am originally from and felt I needed to stand out. I know neons are a huge trend this summer and my fave color of all on tanned skin is HOT pink. This stunning bikini is honestly one of the most flattering bikinis I have worn in a long time, it stays low in the middle but sits high rise on your waist so you don't get those pesky tan lines nobody ever wants! The top is super cute too, it's got that peek-a-boo affect going on where you just see the underboob which if you are not shy, e.g me then you will love. Coming from a curvy girl this is a good fit for us ladies with the booty so make sure you check this one out. A MUST HAVE. 


(Also comes in Red, White and Black) 

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Thank you so much to Yandy for sponsoring this post and thank you to you for reading! I hope I inspired you to get  some gorgeous summer statement pieces for this very hot summer! I wear a size M in all my Yandy pieces but feel free to reach out to me if you need any advice on what you should get! 

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