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Welcome to beautiful Italy honestly one of the most amazing places in the world. I have definitely realized that if I didn't live in LA I would 100% move to Rome in a heartbeat. So I wanted to give my guide of what to do, where to eat and where to take those signature Italy photos!



1. The Colosseum - HISTORY!!! Every step you take in Rome is a huge history lesson and the Colosseum is one of the most incredible structures I have ever seen. Thinking of all the crazy things that went down here is wild. The best place to get this shot is through the train station on the side, you get the escalators up and it will take you to a little outside balcony section where you can get the best views and the best pictures!

2. The Trevi Fountain - Get here at the crack of dawn (like seriously 6am). This place is so popular that it will be swarmed with people in seconds. Make sure to bring some coins to make your wish.

3. The Spanish Steps - Again another early spot, I think we got our photos there at 6am and there were still already people there. There is a street directly opposite where you can get an amazing view point with the steps behind you and then obviously on the steps!

4. Galleria Doria Pamphilj - To see some incredible artwork, statues and unbelievable painted ceiling this is the place to see! This is off the beaten path of tourist attractions and worth the 12 euros to go in and explore. You can do a listening tour where every piece is explained to you with its history and they also let you take pictures in here which is a huge win.


I legit ate pasta every single day and was not mad at it! I didn't put on any weight, which made no sense what so ever but I wasn't complaining. Here are a few of my absolute faves:-

1. Da Enzo al 29 - It's worth all the hype, this place is literally to die for. The fettuccini with Mussel is incredible but I am also sure that anything you order from here would be heavenly. Based in my favorite place in Rome, Trastevere (where the tourists are less and the streets look like you are on a movie set) you can't go wrong.

2. Ditirambo - This place is a little hidden gem based in a square around the corner from hundreds of restaurants. It was a little hard to find but DAMN I am so glad we did! I got thier assortment appetizers which is basically a little bit of everything and nearly died of how good it was!

3. Tonnarello - If you are looking for the best Carbonara you have ever eaten, then go no further! When we rocked up there was a line literally around the block for this place!!! I suggest getting there early if you are in a group of more than 2 as the wait times can be wild cause its THAT GOOD! They serve their pasta in skillets which sold me and the food in general was a sheer win!

4. Otaleg - ICE CREAM!!! THE BEST GELATO EVER! Again this spot is super hidden in the street of Trastevere and I actually got turned around 100 times looking for it but refused to fail as I heard such amazing things. Honestly I can say once I found it this was the best Gelato I have ever had IN MY LIFE!! Also it was 2 euros for 2 scoops compared to 15 euros for the same amount in the center of Rome like OKAYYYYY (my mum literally repeated this 20 times after we had it lol).


We stayed at a very cute little hotel in the center called Masion d'art! Slap bang in the center right around the corner from the Spanish steps. It was a perfect spot for all the sightseeing we were doing and we could basically walk anywhere in under 15-20 mins. They have balconies that look over this beautiful city and you can 100% get some incredible snaps here.

Honestly though now that I have been here and experienced it, I would stay outside of the center in Trastevere and grab an airbnb, I prefer the quiet life and like to come into the hustle and bustle when i feel like it, so if you are like me I would look around this area for a cute little crib!


Next stop was the infamous Positano! Put on your walking shoes and get ready to work off all your pasta cause to get anywhere around this gorgeous little town you have to walk up HUNDREDS of steps everywhere you go.

GETTING THERE FROM ROME - Honestly the easiest trip ever! We got the train from the station in Rome that took us to Salerno where we jumped on a little boat that took around 1 hour and 15mins to get to Positano. This is a much cheaper option that flying, it cost around 35 euros for the train ticket and 12 euros for the boat and you skip the wild drive from Naples to Positano if you are afraid of heights.


1. The Infamous Positano Beach - The shot that everybody wants and makes look so easy. My experience was somewhat stressful haha. I woke up at the crack of dawn and dragged my mother down to the beach to get this shot. Once we arrived we were screamed at by an employee of the beach saying we weren't allowed to take pictures here as it was a private beach where you have to spend 25 euros for a sunbed. I then said no problem i will pay the money and he still said no!! I was highly frustrated but walked down the beach a little further, asked another man and he was like if you are sneaky and get in done in 5 mins go ahead. We frantically got the shot and I realized that sometimes its better not to ask and just do and fane ignorance afterwards... YOLO!

2. The Lemon Plate Shop - All around Positano you will find amazing little shops that sell lemon everything! This little shop is located as you are walking up to the main square where you get the bus and is the perfect instagram gem!

3. On the Main Road Above The City - As you are walking down from you hotel (which you will do) there are plenty of little spots you can stop and get a shot of the whole city from above! There are vespas and little fruit stands parked everywhere which can be used as the best props!

4. The Second Positano Beach - This beach was by far my fave and where I spent most of my time! You have every choice of colored umbrella and everyone is so chill! The sun beds over here were only 10 euros and the staff were soooooo much nicer! I highly suggest this spot if you get grief on the other side!


1. Ristorante Al Palazzo - This was the first restaurant that we ate at when we got into Positano and we were so lucky to have stumbled in here. The food was incredible especially the Sea Urchin Pasta. Its a bit on the pricy side but so are most restaurants in Positano. The key is finding the good ones and this one definitely was.

2. La Sirenuse - My fave spot for a view whist you eat and amazing crockery! We walked in here and originally they said we should have booked months in advance but with a flash of a smile and being extra nice they managed to squeeze us in for lunch and I was soooooo grateful. This place is a real experience! Expect to spend a-lot of money, it is NOT CHEAP but worth every penny.

3. Ristorante Max - TRUFFLE PASTA! Uhhhhhhh I was sooo happy, I had been looking for truffle pasta everywhere and this place was one of the only spots that had it. Mind you it's not on the menu so you have to ask for it but if you know you know and now YOU KNOW.

4. Da Gabrisa - We found this restaurant as it was right next door to our hotel and honestly this was by far my fave food experience in Positano! It overlooked the whole city from above and we just so happened to witness the eclipse whilst eating the best Lobster pasta and stuffed Zucchini flowers! I would 100% recommend this spot, the service was amazing, the view was amazing and it was so chill as it wasn't in the center of town.


We stayed in a cute little spot called Il Gabbiano which was on the other side of Positano but super easy to get to via bus or taxi! I suggest getting the bus that goes every 15mins as taxis are 20 euros a pop but if you are feeling lazy e.g me you can grab a cab. You can also walk up here but my legs were already broken from walking 20 millions steps during the day that I couldn't face it. This hotel was great for what is was, we didn't go all out and spend millions so it wasn't the quietest so if you are looking for peace this isn't the one for you.

Honestly now that I have been to Positano I wouldn't actually stay in it! The hotels are billllllionnnssss as its a big tourist spot. I would suggest getting a car or scooter and staying a little out along the Amalfi coast and driving in when you want to so you don't spend a million dollars.

Thank you so much for reading this post! I hope you enjoyed it and please feel free to contact me on instagram @london_ellis with any questions and I will be happy to answer anything!


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