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Welcome to Holbox one of the cutest islands I have ever been to just off of Cancun! I love to go to Mexico every May for my birthday and we usually head straight to Tulum but this year I wanted to try something new so my roommate suggested heading to Holbox and I was like sureeee!!!!

So here is my guide on what do in Holbox!


Las Nubes De Holbox

Okay this place is like magical dreams, its basically right at the end of where Holbox turns into a National park so its at the quietest spot and the sea is the clearest and less congested (win). I love people but also hate people so its the perfect spot to relax and and unwind right on the sea front unlike any of the other hotels.

They have 3 main pools to choose from and its own private beach where you can rent out Kayaks and stand up paddle boards. We stayed in a bungalow sea front villa which is exactly what it sounds like with a cute little area with a hammock you chill and read your book.

This hotel is truly one of the best places I have stayed in a long time and I highly recommend it.


These are a few of my fave restaurants I suggest you check out, its super overwhelming in the town as they are all back to back and its hard to weed out whats good or not but I did the leg work for you so make sure to check these out!


This pizza place is legit insane, we had the Lobster pizza and I literally nearly fell off my seat it was that good. It came with an array of non spicy to blow your head off salsas and to top it off its such a cute restaurant! Super casual and super fun and open late!!


This was our restaurant at our hotel and we ended up eating here a lot as the food never disappointed, I was obsessed with the fish tacos, ceviche and their guac was to die for.


The healthy option! There is always that time of a trip you just really crave healthy food and this is the place for it. Mexican food can be really heavy and hard on the tummy if you are not used it and this place gives you a nice little break from all the cheese!! Literally any of the bowls are incredible here and also the Matcha is to die for!

Hot tip:- NEVER DRINK TAP WATER OR WATER THAT DOES NOT COME FROM A BOTTLE THAT IS UNOPENED. Its the quickest way to get sick if you do.



Omg the sea is unreal! The coolest thing about the beach here is that you can walk out into the middle of sea and end up on a sand bank with the water either side of you and walk for miles from one end of Holbox to the other. You will literally feel like Moses parting the sea.


We went on a little boat tour one day which cost us about $35 dollars each and they took us to hidden Cenotes, to see Flamingos in their natural habitat and to bird island where magically every bird you can think of comes and hangs out with each other. This is truly a must do experience!


As we were bumbling around town we noticed that every day at around 7.30pm they hold a Zumba class right in the center of town where everyone and his wife comes to dance the hour away. I have never had so much fun and also remembered how hard Zumba is (full sweat mode). It was so much fun to do this with all the locals and also get a workout in.


Holbox is still very much untouched which is why I loved it the most! The buildings are all painted in bright colored murals and its feels so rustic and kinda other worldly. Get a real taste of Mexican life here and take in the atmosphere!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that it helps you on your travels! Please DM me on my instagram with any questions here:- @london_ellis. Let me know if you liked this post by hitting the heart button below and see you on the next one.


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