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It's spooky season, my favorite time of year and what I love most about it is all the fun/scary attractions that come along with it! This year I went on the hunt for the scariest and most immersive maze/experience and I am going to let you know in order my absolute favorite MUST GO TO's of the season!

So without a due lets get into it!

1. THE 17th DOOR

THIS MAZE, THIS FLIPPING MAZE!!! Blew me away! I have been looking for a horror attraction that could WOW me for the longest time and THIS IS IT.

First of all you have to sign a waiver to get in and make sure you read it carefully and understand all the things that COULD happen to you in this maze. This is a FULL CONTACT maze which means THEY CAN TOUCH YOU, which honestly for me was the best part! I feel like when you know that the monsters are not allowed to touch you it takes away the scare factor somewhat because you know that a jump scare is the furtherest it will go. This wasn't about people jumping out at you but a fully immersive story that you are a part of. From being locked in a gas chamber and dropping 5 feet into a ball pit backwards, a car coming full speed at you and just missing you, to a room full of cockroaches surrounding you there is a scare for everyone. You go in a group of around 7 people and NEVER bump into the people in front as it so well done. I don't want to give it all away as I dare you to go and try this experience and I say experience cause this one hell of a ride! I would give The 17th Door a 10 out of 10 SCARE FACTOR! THIS IS A MUST GO!!! Oh and for the faint of heart they have a safe word "MERCY" so if there is anything you don't want to do you just say it and you skip that room! Just one tip I can give you, when you reach the latex room take a deep breath...

You can buy your tix here:-


THE PRODUCTION VALUE! Next on my hit list is Knotts Scary Farm, I was super impressed from the moment I walked in, the monsters roaming the theme park skidding across the floor and giving you a fright were amazing and each maze had it's own individual theme that was soooooo well done! One of my faves was the Paranormal Activity Maze. I would give Knotts Sacry Farm a 4 out of 10 SCARE FACTOR. Of course you have the problem of missing certain scares as you will hit the people in front of you but for the effects its was amazing. One of my other favorite parts is that all the main rides of the theme park are open all night too, so you can get your thrill from one of there huge theme park rides such as Hang Time. I highly suggest taking a trip to this one, I laughed, I screamed and came home pooped. My tip for this is to spend the extra money for the fast pass lanes as it gets packed and you get to jump the whole line and walk right into any maze you like.

You can buy you tix here:-


A WILD EXPERIENCE! This was a whole other world, not your normal maze this was more like being involved in a active horror play. You make your own destiny in this hour and a half art exhibition where the more you speak to the actors the more of the story you will unravel. There are so many different story lines happening in Creep that the best bet is get involved with as many things as you can. From a sadistic clowns tea party to an artist that has lost his mind and wants to kill everyone. You have to be a little bit ballsy in here and really inquire into what everyone is doing to experience its full potential. Its VERY SEXUAL so if you are not into that, this is not for you. I would give Creep a 10/10 CREEP Factor for sure. I am a super horror freak so I loved every second and the end is amazing which I will not reveal to you as you have to go and witness it yourself. My tip for Creep is they have a bar inside which serves wine and beer so you can build up some dutch courage to talk to more people.

Get your tix here:-


A FUN SCAREFEST! I have been to this maze 3 years in a row and it never fails to disappoint! Like I said about Knotts Scary Farm definitely invest in the VIP tickets for this as it gets super busy and you will end up waiting in a line for a century if you don't but the great news about this is that these VIP tix are half the price of the Front of line at Knotts so thats a win. The scares are amazing and really come out of nowhere in this maze each section is a whole different scene and they make it a real spectacle. The only thing I noticed from going this many years is that it doesn't really change very much but if you are a newbie you will LOVE IT! I'd say this maze is like 6 out of 10 for scary, I dragged my roommate along who hates horror and she could handle this one where as there is no way she would have done The 17th Door with me. For a night of fun and a scarefest this is a super fun maze to go to! My tip for this maze is GET THERE EARLY!

Get your tix here:-


LOCATION! My favorite thing about the Haunted Hayride is the location, it's based in the middle of Griffith park and is a real sight to see. I would say this is the most family friendly maze where younger children could come and not get scared to death. I honestly wasn't overwhelmed by the Hayride itself this year as I feel like they could have done more with it but I am a massive Horror Buff and like to get pushed out of my comfort zone so what might not be my cup of tea may be just right for you. The other mazes with in the Hayride were great and absolutely loved them. You get some awesome content here in front of the pumpkin sculpture and inside they have some fun setups too. I would give this a 3 out of 10 scare-factor. My tip for the Hayride is 100% uber if you can, its gets unbelievable packed and there is nowhere to park in seconds which means parking miles away. BUTTT they do have shuttle up if you end up having to park in the overflow.

But your tix here:-

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing and experiencing it. Thank you so much to all the mazes that had me and I hope you guys a Spooktastic Halloween. Feel free to DM me @london_ellis on instagram with any questions.


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