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I am super excited to start off the year with this super fun blog post about how to take your Yandy underwear and incorporate them in your outfits so you don't only have to wear it in the bedroom! I have always been obsessed with underwear (especially from Yandy) as you can tell and felt like it needed a little more showing off time, so without a do let me show you my new favorite pieces to do this with.

First up is this unreal FRINGED BEAUTY CHEMISE SET! I layered this piece over a little black body suit and added a long suit jacket with a gold statement belt to make it pop. This little lacey number can be draped over anything to make it a statement, I even think that this would look so good for festivals (uhummm Coachella). Just throw on some cool nipple covers, pop on some biker shorts and some sick boots and bam you will be ready to dance the night away.

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Next up is my all time fave piece the YANDY SASS APPEAL LACE TEDDY! This is by far one of my fave trends adding a lace bodysuit with a pair of slouchy jeans and big boots and if your feel self conscious about your nipples being on show throw on a oversized blazer to finish off the look! Honestly though this teddy isn't wildly revealing so you could totally get away with it without the blazer or add some little nipple covers if you want to show it off more. I am obsessed with the lace on this teddy its so classy and would make any outfit complete. You could even wear this under the FRINGED BEAUTY CHEMISE SET so that the colors blend and you can have the best of both worlds.

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Last but not least is the GOLDEN HEART PAJAMA SET! Like it say's this is PJ's BUT damn it's cute and I thought it was too cute to be hidden away to the bedroom so I popped it on with a pair of cool silver slouchy pants and sneakers to give it a sporty feel. I love the little metal heart detail which is on the top in the front and on the back on the bottoms, I wear the pants super loose so that the heart sticks out at the back giving it that fun 90's feel. Then all you gotta do when you get home is slide off your pant and you are ready for bed... can you think of anything better? Yea me neither.

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Thank you so much for reading this post! All the pieces I am wearing from Yandy are a size M! Be sure to use my coupon code london_ellis20 for 20% off your order if you want to re-create any of these looks or just want to grab some other gorgeous underwear or swimwear! If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to follow me over on @london_ellis and shoot me a DM.




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