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How Hairdreams Changed My Life...

Brunette long hair, laserbeamer nano

I am absolutely in love with my new Hairdreams extensions and I wanna tell you a little bit more

about how amazing the brand is as well as the ease of looking after them and how they really

can change your life!

I have been wearing extensions since I was around 20 years old and have never found such

amazing quality hair extensions as Hairdreams! They are naturally wavy which fits my Greek

hair to a T and the color match is insane.

They are bonded to my hair using a unique automatic hair extension applicator called

Laserbeamer Nano creating uniform bonds that lay totally flat for a natural look, which makes a

huge difference especially when you want to wear a high pony! It’s also a faster application

method. Instead of hours sitting in a chair, a full head of extensions can be achieved in just 45


Long hair blowing in the wind, long hair extensions

Hairdreams Quality is legendary…

They exclusively use the best and highest-grade 100% raw human hair, which they procure

from selected places around the world in adherence to strict ethical guidelines.

Their Hair Quality is guaranteed throughout the entire wearing period so you can be sure from

the first day until the last day it’s worn, it will retain its luster and shine.

long luxurious brunette hair, hairdreams hair extensions

My absolute favorite thing about Hairdreams is the ease of up-keep! In the past I have dealt with

many extensions taking forever to dry and not blending properly with my hair becoming knotted

and problematic. Hairdreams is the complete opposite, they are easy to wash and become silky

smooth and dry in a matter of minutes with a hair dryer. I barely have to brush them during the

day too and they blend into my hair beautifully without creating that weird line where you can tell

your real hair ends and your extensions begin. Blow-drying tips:  Try not to set the blow dryer

temperature on the hottest level. Opt for medium to low heat for ideal bondings care.

More than anything, my Hairdreams extensions make me feel like a new woman. From the

moment I have them put in I feel more confident and ready to take on the world. I know it

sounds ridiculous, but the little things like volume and length in your hair can really change your

mood and how you feel as a person. I have been focusing much more on self-love since the

beginning of quarantine and this is just one of the ways that I have given back to myself to make

myself feel extra special!

brunette long hair extensions with hat

If you want to know more about Hairdreams, feel free to check out their website or their instagram which has loads of fun tips and tricks that you

can do with your extensions. Thank you so much for reading this post and hope you consider

grabbing this awesome set of extensions.

Long hair extensions brunette

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